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Cenk Uygur can't believe the irony of right-wingers saying they're for free speech when they celebrated the 'Don't SAY Gay' law

We just did a post on someone asking if Twitter could just ban all accounts that say “free speech.” “Free speech,” much like “parents’ rights” before it, is obviously just code for white supremacy if not full-on neo-Nazism. It’s difficult to believe, but Elon Musk has actually created a fiery but peaceful debate on social media over whether free speech is a good thing, or if “content moderation” is necessary to protect marginalized groups. Being a “free speecher” is a bad thing.


Cenk Uygur asks if right-wingers are aware of the irony of calling themselves champions of free speech while at the same time celebrating a law called “Don’t Say Gay.”

He actually says the law is called “Don’t Say Gay.”


Teachers have managed to do their jobs without professing their love of Jesus Christ — it’s not hard.



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