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Now Stacey Abrams tells CNN that nobody ever opposed 'having to prove who you are to vote'

As Twitchy reported earlier Thursday, Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia told NBC News that he was “never been opposed to voter ID” and not only that — he doesn’t know anybody who is. That was disproven pretty quickly by a look back at a recent opinion piece he wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Americans cannot allow politicians to steal our voice, whether through partisan gerrymandering, onerous voter ID laws or this deeply flawed process of ‘exact match’ that has proven to be particularly biased against women and voters of color,” he wrote.


Republican governors have met every objection to voter ID: They’re too hard to get and some people can’t afford them? We’ll make them available for free at any motor vehicle bureau. No, that’s still too hard.

Now Stacey Abrams is telling CNN that she too believes that nobody has ever opposed having to prove who you are to vote.

Jordan Lancaster writes:

Former Georgia House minority leader Stacey Abrams said on CNN Thursday morning that she could support Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin’s voting bill despite the fact that it includes a requirement for voter ID.

Abrams told CNN’s John Berman that she “absolutely” could support Manchin’s compromise, even though it includes a voter ID requirement.

“That’s one of the fallacies of Republican talking points that has been deeply disturbing,” Abrams said. “No one has ever objected to having to prove who you are to vote. It’s been part of our nation’s history since the inception of voting.”

Yeah, OK.




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