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New York Times explains how editing the false 'unarmed' claim out of Benjamin Crump's quote made it 'accurate'

As Twitchy reported earlier, attorney Ben Crump weighed in on the fatal police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant Tuesday with a tweet that described the teen as “unarmed.” Remarkably, it’s still up:


Some noticed that that tweet made it into the New York Times’ report — with the “unarmed” part edited out.


Jeryl Bier noted that the Times stealth-edited the piece to note that Crump was incorrect in describing the girl as unarmed:

NRO’s Tobias Hoonhout found the Times’ explanation for the change in its story. The quote was accurate “without repeating what turned out to be inaccurate information.” But it did correctly reflect Crump’s sentiment.



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