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Rep. Ilhan Omar quotes scripture to Sen. Marco Rubio to defend Raphael Warnock and his comments about serving God and the military

There was quite the hubbub on Twitter Tuesday night after someone unearthed video of Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock telling his congregation, “You cannot serve God and the military” at the same time. Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted the video Wednesday, saying he wasn’t shocked to hear it.


It’s a tough sell in Georgia as well, which is what has Democrats and the media quoting scripture and defending what Warnock said. Democrats really, really need that Senate seat. Here’s Rep. Ilhan Omar quoting the Bible in response to Rubio:

The lies and smears of the GOP? How is this a disgrace?

He’s not quoting scripture when he says you can’t serve God and the military at the same time. That’s on him. Still, there’s a lot of leftists trying to explain that Warnock is right, according to scripture. Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii also quoted Matthew to Rubio but didn’t specify where the military part comes in. He calls Rubio’s tweet a “low blow.”



Here’s MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin on Christianity:


Here’s Air Force chaplain and veteran Rep. Doug Collins:


There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Warnock — pick any of them.


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