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Dana Bash 'having trouble keeping it together' after President Trump's presser; Anderson Cooper calls him 'an obese turtle on his back'

President Trump just finished giving a press conference in which he essentially said that judges are going to end up deciding the 2020 election. He’s not backing down, and that gave a lot of journalists the vapors. CNN’s Jim Acosta asked if Trump was a sore loser. CNN’s Anderson Cooper likened him to “an obese turtle on his back in the hot sun flailing.”


And here’s Jake Tapper:

CNN’s Dana Bash says she’s not an emotional person, but seeing the president address the White House briefing room made it hard for her to keep it together.



Nope. Not that they ever hid it well.

The mainstream media is tired and cranky and really wants to get back to that nap once Joe Biden is in office.


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