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Drew Holden fact-checks the fact-checkers after Tuesday night's debate

We started this post by looking at one of CNN’s “Facts First” tweets from Tuesday night’s debate. President Trump said Joe Biden called his coronavirus travel bans “xenophobic,” but CNN notes that the claim lacks context: Even though Biden called Trump xenophobic on the very same day he announced the travel restrictions, there’s no proof the two were connected.


Biden also “has never explicitly linked his accusation of xenophobia to these travel restrictions,” although when he calls Trump xenophobic it’s always handily in response to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including banning travel from China.

Still, it’s “lacking context.” Biden could have been thinking about anything when those tweets went out.

Drew Holden kicks off his thread fact-checking the fact-checkers with that very moment:


And seeing as no one’s counting on Biden being president very long, that would make Kamala Harris president, and if we’re not mistaken, she was one of the co-sponsors of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal resolution — the one no senator voted for, including Harris.



He’s gonna get sued for that one by the same lawyer who represented Nicholas Sandmann.


Biden was still holding rallies in March. No one was wearing a mask then.


Once again, though, CNN’s poor fact-checker just couldn’t find more than a couple of Biden’s lines worth looking at.


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