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News from 2016: Hillary Clinton doesn't think Bernie Sanders would be the strongest nominee

In case anyone forgot, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders competed for the Democratic nomination in 2016, so it’s not surprising she’s not his biggest fan. She’s already told the Hollywood Reporter that “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done.” She wasn’t wrong, with the exception of the Bernie Bros, but it’s true that he’s gotten nothing done except for renaming a post office or two.


Somehow CNN thinks it’s news, then, that Clinton, who was chums with Joe Biden in the Obama administration, doesn’t think Sanders would be the Democrats’ strongest nominee.

Clinton has said she’d support Sanders if he were the nominee, and she should; he campaigned for her after finally dropping out, though Clinton fans are still sore he didn’t drop out sooner like he was supposed to.



Didn’t those leaked Podesta emails say her campaign was hoping Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee because he’d be the easiest to beat?


To be fair, there are quite a few Hillary holdouts hoping Biden names her his vice president and then promptly dies in office. At least that way she could “win.”


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