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LA Times wonders why a top-tier contender like Cory Booker is just limping along

You might be surprised to learn that Sen. Cory Booker hasn’t yet dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination. He didn’t qualify for a spot at the most recent debate, and no one really knows where he is except the basement of every poll out there.


The Los Angeles Times thinks something’s wrong there. Why is someone as charismatic as Booker just limping along when all signs suggest he should be a top-tier candidate (like Kamala Harris claimed she was before dropping out)?

The photo of Booker speaking to a crowd of seven women in an Iowa bowling alley is a nice touch.

We got a feel for the real Harris and Booker when we saw them grandstanding at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings — talk about trying too hard.




So much promise.


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