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'The president stole your land': Patagonia goes full drama queen over reductions to monuments

In Utah on Monday, President Donald Trump announced the reduction of two national monuments, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, by nearly 2 million acres.


Bears Ears, along with Gold Butte, is one of two national monuments designated by President Barack Obama in December 2016, giving critics ammunition to accuse President Trump of trying to undo his predecessor’s legacy, one bit at a time.

Speaking of critics, outdoor clothing seller Patagonia got a little dramatic over the declaration, swapping out its homepage for an announcement that “the president stole your land,” adding that it was “an illegal move.”








And for another perspective:

But … Patagonia said it was an illegal move!


But … illegal!

P.S. Buy our sweaters.

* * *


Oops! White House posts wrong photo of newest national monument designated by president

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