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President Trump is giving his tweet about 'no evidence' of collusion the best, classiest placement

It was early Monday evening when President Donald Trump highlighted what he obviously considered the quote of the day from the Senate hearing on the investigation into Russian influence on the 2016 election.


Trump is not known for subtlety, and while he could simply have “pinned” that tweet to the top of his Twitter page, the text was instead superimposed onto his account’s header image.

It’s got everything, including another whack at the “fake media” and the incidental image of a big thumbs up from as many as would fit in the frame. Too much? Then again, after months and months of #TrumpRussia tweets from D.C. to Hollywood, “shouting” might be the best option.


Yeah, well, we’d hoped that no one would try to normalize the use of the word “normalize” to describe any acknowledgement of Trump as something other than the spawn of Satan and Hitler, but we were distracted by all the “Nasty Woman” T-shirts and pussy hats and fantasies about blowing up the White House and riots and death wishes from university professors.


But what effect will Trump’s Twitter header have on former interim Attorney General Sally Yates and her 2020 presidential campaign? That was supposed to be the big takeaway from Monday’s hearing.

In other news, sometimes a Twitter header image is just a Twitter header image.

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