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Free Beacon writer notes that 'fake news' became a crisis only after the election

There’s a problem with “fake news,” and not only the obvious one.

Members of the mainstream media who certainly consider themselves purveyors of “real news” and nothing but are concerned that people are falling for conspiracy theories and satire posted to social media outlets.


Conservatives, on the other hand, have taken the “fake news” brand and run with it, using it to highlight slanted and downright false news stories put out by mainstream outlets. And why not? Liberally biased networks and newspapers have managed to maintain their status as respected sources despite attempts to alter video on the sly and rephrase quotes to fit their narrative. For example:

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, guest Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon had plenty to say about “fake news.”

Here’s a clip:

The frightening bit is that President Obama himself — after blaming a YouTube video for the coordinated Benghazi terror attack — has made “fake news” a personal priority, speaking out against the dangers of “active misinformation.”


McMorris made an especially important observation of the whole fake news phenomenon; however one defines it, no one seemed to care very much before the election. And then, CNN started running stories like, “Did fake news help elect Donald Trump?”


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