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Hot take: Those NFL players taking a knee during the anthem were praying this whole time

It was back in August when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick chose not to stand for the national anthem, kicking off a form of protest has, in a few cases, inspired even the person singing the anthem to take a knee during the performance.


Some of those who were sympathetic to Kaepernick from the start wished he’d done a better job of articulating exactly what he was protesting, citing as he did “bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Not once in his statement did Kaepernick mention God, which would have cleared up a lot, considering he was kneeling in submission and didn’t bother mentioning it. See, people are still taking it the wrong way when athletes kneel during the anthem.

A lot of progressives are going to be triggered learning that their heroes were so moved by the anthem they dropped to the turf in prayer, not protest.


There’s a lot that’s amazing about that tweet, not least the idea that the anthem was chosen at random, or that people have been “worshipping” it this whole time by standing with their hands over their hearts; if that’s a symbol of prayer, we’re not sure which denomination it’s associated with.

Wow, talk about willfully obtuse. If kneeling is only about God and prayer, then there was a whole lot more praying going on in the Oval Office during Bill Clinton’s term than anyone suspected.

Would a visual aid help?


Besides, in defense of the protests, Shaun King already exposed in “one of the most important things” he’d ever written in his entire life the “whole truth” about the national anthem and its ugly secret; that is, the third verse that “celebrates the murder of enslaved Africans,” except that it doesn’t.

Nah, go ahead. Just don’t actually kneel and pray on a football field, at least not a public school football field. There are limits to tolerance, you know.

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