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'Swarthy looking nerd' sets CNN's Jake Tapper on a tangent rounding up math puns

Whether or not you support racial profiling in the fight against terrorist attacks, there is a line between legitimate suspicion and gross overreaction.

The Washington Post reports that Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed, the student whose “cool clock” resembled a detonator (well, it did) and whose arrest led to an invitation to the White House and a flood of gifts and internship offers from Microsoft, NASA, Facebook, and others, has a successor.


The Washington Post reports that a scare on an American Airlines flight this week was caused by an Italian Ivy League economist whose scribblings on a notebook were mistaken for Arabic, but were actually a differential equation.

That report sent CNN anchor Jake Tapper off on a tangent, to which his followers added.





Enough … the cleverness is decaying exponentially.

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