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President commutes prison sentences of nearly 100 felons before taking off for vacation

The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes recently called President Obama’s claims regarding the Guantanamo Bay detention facility “brazenly and stunningly misleading” and accused him of “breathtaking dishonesty.” The subject was the president’s claim in an interview that of the hundreds of Gitmo prisoners released over the years, “a handful” would necessarily rejoin terrorist groups.


While a handful of us worry that we’ve forgotten something important at home after we part for vacation, President Obama made certain to commute the sentences of 100 more U.S. prisoners before taking off for Hawaii.

Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily reports that President Obama last Friday quietly commuted the prison sentences of almost 100 federal felons, mostly drug dealers, calling his act “another step forward in upholding our fundamental ideals of justice and fairness.” Malcolm adds that “since nearly half were serving life sentences, some for gun crimes, they’re not supposed to be out on the streets ever.” In the meantime, the president is thanking the NBA for joining ranks with gun control bully Everytown for Gun Safety.





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