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No gift wrap, please: Ferguson demonstrators set up Amazon wedding registry

Protesters awaiting the grand jury’s announcement regarding Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson have been collecting supplies for quite a while. Supporters can drop off supplies in person and also send cash to protest organizers via PayPal.


Organizers have found an interesting take on the collection process, though; they’ve set up a wedding registry on Amazon. The happy couple? The Organization for Black Struggle, Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment, and the St. Louis Legal Collective.


“This registry was set up to provide material support to the Jail Support Collective and to the Sanctuary Spaces that will open immediately following the indictment announcement,” reads the description. “Sanctuary Spaces will provide respite, nourishment, and healing to protestors, activists and organizers. We rely on these donations to keep folks safe, happy, working and healthy!”

Note: This couple has requested no gift wrap.

In its list of rules of engagement, the Don’t Shoot Coalition proposed that “Safe houses shall be considered sacred ground and only entered by police when called upon or if extremely necessary.” Police responded that “life safety and exigent circumstances” would suffice as reasons to enter safe houses.


The most wanted gift on the wedding registry? Portable USB charges for iPhones and other camera equipment.

* * *


Rather than donate cash or individual supplies, supporters can put together comprehensive kits and ship them to Missouri.



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