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CBS News' Mark Knoller thankful for CNN's asteroid countdown clock; Earth spared

With the White House seemingly going to a communications model of deep background, closed press, invitation-only off-the-record briefings, what’s a White House correspondent to do with his spare time? CBS News’ Mark Knoller has turned his attention to the skies, where an asteroid known as 1998 QE2 is today passing within 3.6 million miles of earth. He also found an opening to troll competitor CNN.


Speaking of the White House, it too was there to weigh in on today’s close encounter with the help of Bill Nye, the global warming guy.

Nye proved his science credentials earlier this year by clarifying for a CNN anchor that climate change is not known to attract meteors. But asteroids? Let’s ask the experts.


Here’s some good breaking news: that massive asteroid didn’t hit us.

June is saved!

Asteroid fly-bys really bring out the jokers, huh?

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