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Just a 'local crime' story: Floodgates open on demand for Gosnell mass murder trial coverage

It’s going to be more and more difficult for the mainstream media to explain why the ongoing Kermit Gosnell murder trial has received little to no coverage. Twitchy has been covering the virtual media blackout on the horrifying story, as well as calls for light to be shone on the proceedings. Actress Patricia Heaton was among the first to call out the networks on their avoidance of the story, and while she’s still asking questions, she has company now.


Speaking of newspapers, the people have asked how the trial of a man charged with murdering seven babies has flown under the radar for so long. As points out, one Washington Post reporter explained that she covers policy, not “local crime.”


See? Totally balanced. Jim Geraghty’s not convinced, though, and his tweets have others doubting the “local crime” excuse as well.

As much as some media outlets would like to keep the words “murder” and “abortion” from appearing on the same page, the pressure is on to break that rule, at least this one time.


It’s not too late for reporters to get in on the story. There are plenty of fresh angles that haven’t been touched yet.



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