When we saw this headline, we didn’t believe it was real at first. But then again, CNN does run opinion pieces now and then, so we clicked to see whose opinion this was. Not surprisingly, it’s media hall monitor Oliver Darcy, and it’s not an opinion piece but straight news.

Darcy knows this doesn’t work, right? If everyone on the right wing is an “extremist,” then nobody is. It’s the same thing President Biden tried with labeling everything he didn’t like “extreme MAGA” or “ultra-MAGA.”

Darcy’s probably feeling stung by Tucker Carlson calling out CNN for lying to its viewers. They’re doing it right now, exactly as Carlson said.

Darcy reports:

Right-wing extremist Tucker Carlson announced Tuesday that he will relaunch his program on Twitter, which he praised as the only remaining large free-speech platform in the world after Fox News fired him late last month.

Carlson demonized the news media in his announcement video, accusing journalists of often excluding facts that detract from their narratives. He did not mention Musk has censored speech on Twitter, including banning several prominent reporters from the website just last year.

Carlson was able to achieve that influence by posting high ratings. But his monster viewership numbers were earned through the trafficking of anti-immigrant rhetoric, false conspiracy theories, and the promotion of white nationalist talking points.

CNN suddenly has a problem with false conspiracy theories?

Carlson’s Twitter video is on track to beat CNN’s prime-time viewership by a wide margin.

Are we still supposed to pretend that CNN plays it straight down the middle? We’d point to CNN’s prime-time lineup, but we don’t know who’s on anymore — left-wing extremists Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are both gone.


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