President Barack Obama agreed with the pundits who called his administration “scandal-free.” “I’m extremely proud of the fact that over 8 years we have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations,” he told an audience in Peru. His vice president, Joe Biden, who’ll lie about anything, is also proud of being scandal-free for eight years. Wits on the Left will tell you Obama’s biggest scandal was wearing a tan suit to a press conference, which is just their way of ignoring Fast & Furious gun-running, having the IRS target conservative groups, lying about not knowing about Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server, Benghazi, and other scandals.

Michelle Obama, who has a new podcast to promote, told CNN that “it was no accident that the Obama administration was scandal-free.” The Obamas, as the first black first family, felt they had an enhanced sense of responsibility to set an example.

CNN reports:

Former first lady Michelle Obama said her family felt an enhanced sense of responsibility during their time in the White House as the first Black first family in American history.

“It was no accident that the administration was scandal-free. It was no accident that … our children had to show up right in the world. They carried a burden of making sure they weren’t messy, because it wouldn’t have been laughed off. It wouldn’t have been just, ‘Oh, it’s youthful, whatever.’ It would have been some bigger statement about the soul of Black folks,” Obama said in her recently launched “The Light Podcast.”

“So we didn’t underestimate that. But that, that weight is exhausting when you’re carrying that,” she added.

The former first lady’s comments echo a common teaching in African American households that one must be twice as good as their White counterparts due to enhanced scrutiny, and underscore her unique experience as the first Black first lady of the US.

Of course, it was exhausting.

We all know the mainstream media took an eight-year break from actually covering the news. The scandals of the Obama administration are remarkable … and worse yet, Barack Obama would always lie and say he heard about them on the news at the same time as everyone else did.


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