Here’s a lengthy clip (almost 7 minutes) from Bill Maher’s HBO show in which he rails against “trigger warnings,” which of course got their start in American universities. We’ve told you about Stanford’s Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative that targets words like “American,” “immigrant,” and “master.” (“Targets” is probably a sensitive word too as it suggests violence.) Studies, Maher says, show that trigger warnings actually do more harm than no warning at all.

We can take or leave Maher, but he’s dead on in this segment:

A lot of people were triggered by Maher letting Russell Brand school an MSNBC reporter about bias and misinformation.

Wow, a lot of Maher’s followers are posting boomer memes and “Old Man Yells at Cloud” and the Fonz jumping the shark. Why isn’t he talking about more important things, like Adolf Hitler being reincarnated in Florida?


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