We don’t expect this story will get much traction in the media — not after the media made Donald Trump the bad guy when he noted that China probably had the 33,000 deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server she was using as secretary of state. If Clinton could just set up her own email server to bypass her official government email account, it’s obvious the government doesn’t take security very seriously.

TechCrunch is reporting that a U.S. government email server was connected to the internet without a password, and the Department of Defense just got around to fixing that little problem.

Zack Whittaker reports:

The U.S. Department of Defense secured an exposed server on Monday that was spilling internal U.S. military emails to the open internet for the past two weeks.

The exposed server was hosted on Microsoft’s Azure government cloud for Department of Defense customers, which uses servers that are physically separated from other commercial customers and as such can be used to share sensitive but unclassified government data. The exposed server was part of an internal mailbox system storing about three terabytes of internal military emails, many pertaining to U.S. Special Operations Command, or USSOCOM, the U.S. military unit tasked with conducting special military operations.

But a misconfiguration left the server without a password, allowing anyone on the internet access to the sensitive mailbox data inside using only a web browser, just by knowing its IP address.

That’s right up there with giving Hunter Biden the keys to the garage where you keep your top-secret documents.

We’re just learning to accept that classified information gets out into the wild all the time (blame the people who packed the boxes) and as long as you cooperate, no harm, no foul.


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