In case you missed it earlier, Billboard Chris posted a very lengthy but worthwhile thread from a whistleblower who used to work intake at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic. She eventually left that position after seeing the “first do no harm” rule being violated.

If you’ve seen any debates over “gender-affirming care” for minors, you’ve probably been told that you can either have a trans kid or a dead kid, as trans minors who don’t receive “treatment” are likely to kill themselves.

This study is from last October, but it bears a second look:

Very few studies have followed them out 10 years, or 20, or 30 … though we’ve heard of the “honeymoon period” where the trans kid is overjoyed to have gotten free of those healthy breasts.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon takes on the notion that you can either have a trans kid or a dead kid, a false ultimatum meant to pressure people into accepting gender-affirming surgery on minors.

That last line is, “Kids with dysphoria can wait to medicate until the figure it out.”

“Right-wing talking points” … drink!

Maybe look at the study from Sweden. Gender-affirming care doesn’t necessarily “fix” suicidal ideation that was already there. Again, it’s emotional extortion.


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