Javier Manjarres is a political consultant and also the publisher of The Floridian, and he’s published a piece about Gov. Ron DeSantis “declaring war on blacks in Florida.” If he’s talking about that Advanced Placement African American Studies course, note that the College Board has heeded a number of criticisms that Florida’s board of education had with the class, such as removing required teachings on Black Lives Matter and the case for reparations from the curriculum.

Who’s accusing him? Let’s find out:

State Senator Shevrin Jones called Gov. DeSantis’s recent controversial banning of AP African-American studies at colleges and universities nothing more than “the promotion of Jim Crow 3.0 by ppl who don’t know & don’t care about what’s happening in the Black communities, but desire to referee how our history is taught.”

Rep. [Michelle] Rayner-Goolsby also repeated the current narrative that Republicans, namely DeSantis, have “declared war on Black people” and are trying erase black history by trying to “erase Black LGBTQ history.”

“Higher education though, we believe in Florida that it’s about academic excellence and the pursuit of truth. We don’t believe higher education should be for social justice or to impose an ideology on the students,” said DeSantis.

“We have guidelines and standards in Florida. We want education, not indoctrination. If you fall on the side of indoctrination, we’re gonna decline. If it’s education, then we will do.” DeSantis continued saying, “Who would say that an important part of black history is queer theory? That is somebody pushing an agenda on our kids.”

So the same state legislators who had fits over the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill think DeSantis is declaring war on black people. And note that we’re already up to Jim Crow 3.0, with Georgia’s “voter suppression laws” being called Jim Crow 2.0 by President Joe Biden.

It is going to flop just like the “Don’t Say Gay” lie. Check the polls … check with Floridians … people like what DeSantis is doing.


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