As Twitchy reported, 86 House Democrats voted Thursday against a resolution to denounce the horrors of socialism and dictators including Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Kim. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries seemed to suggest that condemning socialism would undermine the House Democrats’ agenda. Brandon Morse of Twitchy’s sister site RedState wrote a great piece about it.

Do you know who didn’t care for Morse’s take? The Socialist Party, who fell back on the old reliable trope that “real socialism has never been tried.”

The headings got cut off in that tweet, but they read: “WHICH COUNTRIES HAVE TRIED SOCIALISM?” and “NONE. SOCIALISM HAS NOT YET STARTED.”

Furthermore, “Marxist socialism comes AFTER global capitalism is abandoned. This has not yet happened!”

They really did the “real socialism has never been tried” defense. They get awfully testy whenever anyone brings up the body count of failed socialist societies.


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