As this editor has written about so many times, “cisnormative” values are bad — thinking that a family composed of a male father and a female mother and their straight kids is “normal” is unhealthy, but unfortunately, parents aren’t as flexible in their thinking as school counselors. A child exhibits signs of gender dysphoria? Get them on puberty blockers as soon as possible until they’re old enough for top surgery.

On the signing of the Parental Rights in Education law, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis presented a mother whose child was secretly being “transitioned” by school officials without her knowledge. Florida father Wendell Perez told of how he was called to the school after his 12-year-old daughter attempted suicide in a school bathroom. What Perez didn’t know is that the school had been transitioning his daughter without his knowledge, “affirming” her gender by calling her by a male name and pronouns. And as we’ve reported, some schools have set up “transition closets” so kids can come to school in the clothes their parents bought for them and then change into gender-appropriate outfits for the school day.

Here’s a lengthy thread on a lawsuit against a Wisconsin school district that tried to transition a young girl without her parents’ knowledge or consent. Again, keep in mind that the schools feel they’re the heroes in this scenario, saving trans kids from their close-minded parents.

Funny how removing her from the school environment helped her mental health. It reminds us of the mom who refused to “affirm” her daughter’s new gender and instead removed social media from her life; her daughter is now happily living life as a girl. Gender affirmation just might not be the tool to use in every case, especially with children this young.


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