In covering the “anti-racism” programs put on by the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DEI) departments of corporations, we’ve seen quite a few that are meant strictly for whites. After all, we’re trying to “de-center” whiteness, and part of whiteness is talking over people of color. We even saw that elementary school hold a racially segregated playground night, but the effort was to unite, not divide.

Christopher Rufo has an information sheet on Ithaca College’s Antiracism Institute and its plans for the current academic year. “The curriculum is based on the Equity Literacy Abilities and will provide opportunities to learn about recognizing, responding to, and redressing racial inequalities in the first semester.”

Rachael Dolezal identified as a person of color and even ran an NAACP chapter.

Since “whiteness” underpins everything in America, including the university system, we’re guessing people who identify as white learn to elevate people of color, and people who identify as people of color learn to navigate that system based on whiteness.


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