This is one of those games we like to play with Bulwark tweets: Guess who wrote it. Our first guess with this one was David French, but then we remembered he writes for The Intercept. Molly Jong-Fast has already pointed out the Christian failings of Gov. Ron DeSantis, who broke one commandment or another by flying migrants to one of the wealthiest communities in the nation. So who at The Bulwark is pulling the white Christian nationalist card?

People with dignity … whom you’d rather have living under an overpass in Eagle Point, Texas than in someone’s Martha’s Vineyard guest house.

OK, it appears our writer is Jonathan Last:

There are some ironies.

First, the Biden administration explicitly rejects open borders.

Second, the governor of Massachusetts is a Republican. (Though I suspect Martha’s Vineyard was chosen not because it’s in a Republican-governed state, but because America’s first black president owns a house there.)

Third, if the problem is being able to care for illegal immigrants then maybe the state of Florida should have spent the $12 million on, you know, caring for illegal immigrants. Instead of using the money to get earned media for the governor.

Fourth, Ron DeSantis is, supposedly, a Christian.

Not a good enough Christian to hang out with The Bulwark staff, obviously.

Let’s put aside the theology of immigration. Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that Jesus would have nothing to say about whether or not the state should seek to discourage undocumented migrants as a high-level matter of government policy.

Those planes were filled with actual human beings. People with dignity. People with hopes and dreams, problems and challenges. People with names and families.

And this Christian man used them as props. He didn’t clothe the naked or feed the hungry. He literally did the opposite: Evicted them—and not because he felt that he had to, because it was a requirement of the law. But because he saw that he could use them as a means to the ends of his personal ambition.

I’m trying—really trying—not to get too hot here. But Christians should look at this act and be revolted. They should be horrified.

What’s the meme? I’m not a Christian myself, but I’m holding you accountable to your imaginary friend in the sky. Wait, we found it:

That’s it.

If they stayed in Florida, they would even be allowed to say “gay.” It’s a horrible place.

The Bulwark … The Bible … they’re both good.

Honestly … we had no idea how big this story was going to blow up today. DeSantis knows how to trigger the Left into spasms.


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