Sorry, we don’t have the story for you, just an Instagram post advertising it. But we don’t think we need to read it to get the gist. Remember that most stories that the mainstream media covers were sent to them at their desks, whether they be press releases or government leaks. The editor then chooses which ones to run with. In this case, though, it looks like this reporter had an idea for a story and then went fishing for people to give quotes to make it sound like a legitimate story.

Look at that poor … person. So disappointed in America. But not enough to actually leave. They never actually leave.

Seriously, do they know what abortion restrictions are like in Europe?

Wow, it really was. Ashley Fetters Maloy reports:

By now, most know the stirring stories about immigrants’ arduous journeys to America ― about Ellis Island, about huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Now, though, the sudden nationwide curtailing of abortion rights and the assorted political turmoil of the summer have pushed many U.S. citizens to start the process of obtaining second citizenships in countries that grant them to direct descendants of nationals. Immigrants’ American-born grand- and great-grandchildren are grasping backward through time and bureaucracy, hoping their ancestors might now provide them with a way to start over back in the motherland. Or at least provide them with a quick, visa-free way to live and work elsewhere for a while, in case of emergency. An escape hatch, some say. A backup plan. A parachute.

Here’s the sad-sack in the photo:

For Anthony Del Grosso, 28, the Supreme Court’s abortion decision was just one of many reasons he has recently begun the process of obtaining dual citizenship by descent in Italy. He wants to have a family one day without working himself to death just to be able to provide for them. He wants health care that won’t strain his bank account.

Plus, “it just seems to be getting worse politically here. It’s normal to just have mass shootings. And it’s normal to just have, like, rights stripped away from people,” says Del Grosso, an Albuquerque-based assistant location manager for film and TV sets. Over the course of the next few years, he’ll probably spend around $5,000 getting documentation together to prove the line of descent from his great-grandfather, who emigrated from Italy in 1906.

GoFundMe anyone? Send Anthony Del Grosso back to Italy?


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