We kind of miss the days when liberals just used “white supremacist” as a blanket term for all conservatives. Then they upgraded to “white nationalist” and “semi-fascist” and “Christofascist.” We’re guessing Christofascist is the word the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin was looking for when she was writing about the GOP … um, extreme white Christian nationalism, we mean. Anyway, the GOP’s threat to the American idea is nothing new.

Actually, it kind of is. We keep prodding President Joe Biden to name some names when he’s talking about “extreme MAGA” and its extreme agenda, like banning abortions in the delivery room. Biden said in his “Soul of the Nation” speech that the majority of Republicans weren’t extreme MAGA. But both he and Rubin make it sound like 74 million Americans are extreme white Christian nationalists.

“The challenge of the Civil War still resonates,” she says.

No, the MAGA movement isn’t advocating for slavery. But it does seek to rewrite the history of race through its fraudulent attack on “critical race theory,” just as Jim Crow defenders sought to refashion the Civil War by erecting monuments to traitorous secessionists. The aim is the same: to exonerate Whites and to recast them as noble victims.

Defenders of democracy have a hard task in face of the constant onslaught of fear-mongering, propaganda, phony history and dishonest right-wing media that shields its viewers and readers from disagreeable facts. Elevating America as an idea, a creed or the last, best hope for self-governance is more challenging that whipping up White resentment, fear of “replacement” and false victimhood.

How old is Rubin? And how many years of her life were spent thinking about Confederate monuments? Does she know the Confederates were Democrats?

Yep … and that’s why Biden and the White House are keeping the term wide open; so they can keep expanding the definition.

That’s a great question … just what does it take for a white Christian to be branded extreme? Karine Jean-Pierre said trying to place any restrictions on abortion at all was “semi-fascism.” Thank goodness for those not-at-all-extreme activists in Ruth Sent Us and Jane’s Revenge who are bravely firebombing crisis pregnancy centers.