We’ve seen these “after” photos of “top surgery” before but have never run with them, thinking they’re a bit too graphic. This one’s getting a lot of attention, though, so we’ll give it a go. The person who received the top surgery seems to be smiling, so good for him. Still, he seems awfully young. And is that a little sibling in the next photo? We wonder what gender-affirming surgery is in the future for them.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher is a plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida and she posed for an Instagram photo with her latest patient:

That got cut off, so here’s the full image:

Just note that if you have any problems with this, you’re a bad person and likely a transphobe.

A few people in the replies are telling you all to mind your own business, and good for the doctor. And also treating this as if it were life-saving surgery and not elective. There’s an argument to be had over minors getting gender-affirming surgery, but questioning it is “stochastic terrorism.”

* * *


We just saw this in our feed. For all the good boys, Dr. Santa is taking away breast tissue.

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