Update: It looks like the tweet has been deleted, so we’ve posted a screenshot.

* * *

As we just reported, President Joe Biden’s “wartime” address on Thursday night was still sort of confusing: He made the point that when he was talking about semi-fascists, he wasn’t talking about “mainstream” Republicans whom he’d worked with and who comprise the majority of the party — instead, he was talking about the MAGA extremists who “dominate” the party today. But what does Biden plan to do with these extremists? Jail them? He says they’ve incited violence. A lot of Biden’s followers were glad he decided to talk tough, but they were disappointed that he’d let the RINO Republicans off the hook, to them, the entire Republican Party is evil and needs to be wiped out.

Blue-check Jay Arnold (he/him) asked Saturday morning what we’re going to do with all of these horrible people. We’re glad he asked, because it’s a question we’ve shared … what, exactly, does the Left intend to do with the other half of the nation?

The most popular response seems to be this one:

Perhaps her tweet is completely innocent, and Germany just did something to some people that we’re not getting.