Here’s a rather lengthy thread inspired by a talk David Frum had with a friend after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and galvanized support among Donald Trump’s base. Remember, according to that Newsweek exclusive, the raid on Trump’s home was supposed to be a low-profile event, so the former president couldn’t use it for a photo op or to grandstand. Newsweek reported that that plan failed spectacularly, and Trump supporters are viewing the FBI as a political cudgel against Joe Biden’s likely opponent in 2024.

Frum says that’s an “unwelcome but important fact to face,” and that newly galvanized Trump supporters mean that only Rep. Liz Cheney could reasonably challenge him for the Republican primary.

We’re pretty sure he meant Liz Cheney, not Lynne (our apologies if we’re wrong), and there’s no chance Trump is vindicated: the walls are closing in for real this time.

We’d be very happy with a President Ron DeSantis.

“The country has been plunged back into the thicket of Trumpist autocracy.”

Is Frum going to be OK?

What is this fear of U.S. democracy ending that the Left is so concerned about?

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