Hey, we have a new “controversy” stirring in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced the availability of Gadsden flag license plates, proceeds from which will go to help Florida veterans in need. WFLA News seems to be on top of it:

WFLA’s source for the controversy is two tweets in response to DeSantis:

DeSantis has repeatedly painted Florida as a safe haven for freedom and minimal government intervention — a message originally conveyed in the flag’s design.

But not everyone agreed with the governor’s promotional tweet.

One user said, “Stop calling us the free state of Florida, if that were true I’d be able to do my job as a teacher and create a safe space for all kids,” referring to the governor’s Parental Rights in Education law.

Another user said, “what’s next the Confederate Flag? Plenty of other symbols can be used to benefit Veterans.”

That’s the controversy stirring.

Yes, white supremacists and far-right extremists have appropriated the Gadsden flag, the Betsy Ross flag (which flew at Joe Biden’s inauguration), and even the American flag.