As you all know, the January 6 select committee held its second primetime hearing last Thursday and immediately announced that it would be holding more hearings in September, as the dam was starting to break around Donald Trump and more evidence was pouring in.  A lot of people joked that they were preparing Season 2 of their show trial, and word got around with the usual media suspects. Here’s Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott with a compilation video of cable hosts wondering if Thursday’s blockbuster hearing was the season finale or the series finale. It turns out it was just the season finale, and they could drag this thing into 2023.

Nielsen says 17.7 million watched Thursday’s hearing, but keep in mind, that number comprises all three broadcast networks and every cable news network except Fox News.

Yes, yes it does. As we pointed out before their first primetime hearing, they hired a former ABC producer to try to condense all of their evidence into a blockbuster television event.

They used to have their secret “JournoList,” Ezra Klein’s private Google group of about 400 left-learning media types.

Meanwhile, inflation and gas prices continue to be the primary concern of the average American, with January 6 so far down the list you can’t see it.