We’ve heard people call for the head of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, because she’s often used the word “groomer” in her tweets. Those supposedly in the know say it’s an anti-LGBTQ smear, meaning that gays are trying to groom underage kids for sex. We certainly don’t limit our use of the word to the LGBTQ community; people of any sexual persuasion can be groomers. We keep this tweet handy because it so well captures what grooming means to us:

That definition is borne out in so many teachers saying “I’m your parents now” or “If your parents don’t accept you, I’m your mother.”

You might have heard that Reddit, one of the largest online message boards, recently banned the word “groomer.” Some have chosen to use “predditor” instead to get around the ban. But Media Matters thinks that Twitter needs to step up and ban groomer as well.

Mia Gingerich writes that “right-wing users have spent months targeting LGBTQ users on Twitter with offensive accusations of ‘grooming,’ contributing to a climate of harassment and violence.” Not true — the word’s not targeting LGBTQ users … only groomers.

At least one major social media platform has already taken steps to address this, with moderators on Reddit signaling that the site would begin enforcing a ban on the “groomer” smear, saying it violates their policy on hate speech against LGBTQ people. In response to the news of Reddit banning the term being used to attack the LGBTQ community, right-wing media figures like Steven Crowder erroneously accused the platform of making “groomers a protected class,” with the term “groomers” trending on Twitter on July 18.

Can’t people just stop grooming kids so we don’t have to point it out?

Always trying to drive themselves as a wedge between kids and their families.

Media Matters lives to get “hate speech” like Tucker Carlson off the air.

Stop grooming kids … how tough is that?