As Twitchy reported earlier this week, the AP Stylebook actually got something right for a change. The AP advised reporters to avoid the term “assault weapon,” which is a politicized term that conveys “little meaning about the actual function of the weapon.” If you mean semi-automatic rifle, say semi-automatic rifle.

We don’t know how quickly reporters will start adhering to this guidance — Democratic politicians certainly won’t — and Robert B. Reich thinks that the puny number of states that ban “assault weapons” is proof of why we need a federal ban … all of those other states aren’t going to do it themselves.

The list actually says more than Reich intended:

Definitely. Stay away from these dangerous states if you think an assault weapons ban will make you safer. And tell us if this tweet doesn’t demonstrate that Reich is one of those angry white male “incels” responsible for all the mass shootings:

He did accomplish one thing: