As Twitchy reported this weekend, Andrew Sullivan called out Christopher Rufo for wanting to change the language from drag queens to “trans strippers,” following a viral racy drag performance attended by children. Sullivan countered that the British do pantomime every Christmas in which men dress up as women. The problem at hand: How does one distinguish between “Mrs. Doubtfire,” which is fine for kids, and some of these “kid-friendly” drag shows held in bars? What are we talking about, exactly?

Sullivan seems to have put more thought into it and asked that we make the distinction between racy, stripper drag queens and fun, costumed drag queens who read to kids at schools and libraries?

Someone made a very good point: Who benefits more? The kids, for whom the drag queens are promoting literacy, or the drag queens, who are having their sexuality normalized among children?

Again, we think the onus is on the libraries and schools that host these events to explain why kids and drag queens go together. Is the purpose for the kids to learn to appreciate “diversity”? Or are drag queens just harmless fun?

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