Way back in the early ’90s when this editor was in grad school, there were posters all over the walls claiming that one in every ten people is homosexual. That number always seemed high, and it turns out the 10 percent number came from a study all the way back in the 1940s by Alfred Kinsey which used some rather unconventional methods (such as surveying prison populations). So what’s the real number? Well, one high school in Seattle claims that 80 percent of its students identify as LGBTQ+, non-binary, or transgender. (We suspect the “Q,” for questioning, is doing a lot of heavy lifting.) Abigal Shrier’s book title suggested there was a “craze” among teen girls to be transgender, which got her book pulled from Target for a bit.

Here’s Nova High School:

“Through these cycles, we deconstruct systems of power and privilege and rebuild ourselves, our school, and our communities with different ways of being. By decentering whiteness, patriarchy, hetero- and cis-normativity, and able bodies, and by embracing neurodiversity, we are revisioning education communities as spaces where students’ needs are met, growth is the metric that matters, and behavior is understood as a form of communication.”

There probably will be now, as there seems to be some sort of competition. Libs of TikTok featured a fourth-grade teacher who said that 20 of her 32 students came out to her as LGBTQIA+.

The Magic City Acceptance Academy? Sounds like Hogwarts.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.