Here’s one that Libs of TikTok posted Tuesday night, and we think it’s pretty special. If you’ll recall, it seems the White House recently settled on LGBTQIA+ as its official inclusive alphabet, including intersex people as well as asexual people, with the plus sign for anyone they forgot. Intersex people are often overlooked, but activists like to include them because they provide biological proof that someone can have a vagina but not a uterus, for example, so “menstruators” doesn’t cover them.

We don’t see anything too shocking in this presentation, but it’s interesting that it’s presented by the National Science Teaching Association, and we all know that science class today isn’t what it was when we were in school.

Simple enough: Instead of assuming gender identity and misgendering students with the incorrect pronouns, ask students for their gender pronouns. “Center the student,” it reads. Also, don’t say “guys” … say “y’all.”

Our favorite here is the advice for when a student comes out to you: “Validate their experiences” and, better yet, “Name their courage.”

“Queer people have been and are still marginalized in science.”

That’s what gets us: In almost all of this training, it’s assumed the parents are “unenlightened” and teachers are there to provide a supportive “safe space” to children … and if that means keeping it from the parents, so be it.

Teachers need to act like there are LGBTQIA+ students in their classroom, because there are, according to the presentation.


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