We guess this is what makes the New York Times the paper of record. News networks like MSNBC can’t do much better than to stand up Yamiche Alcindor in front of a Mississippi abortion clinic where women are “gutted” and feel “like someone has died.” But the Times wondered, what do progressive politicians in Europe think of that leaked draft document perhaps foretelling the overturning of Roe v. Wade? And why shouldn’t they have a vote on the matter?

“One French senator” said that “it would be a terrible regression for American women.” What many of these progressive European politicians fail to note is that most of their own countries’ abortion laws are much more strict than those in the United States, where anything less than abortion up until the moment of birth is considered restrictive. Even babies delivered after botched abortions aren’t safe in some states.

And look at how American progressive politicians reacted when states started passing so-called “heartbeat laws.”

Our first thought when we heard the news of the leaked decision document: “What must some progressive French senator think of this!”

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Mayor Sadiq Khan says that London stands with women across the U.S. today:

Did the mayor of London just tells us what cannot and must not be undone?