Let’s take you back to April 11. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a father, signed into law a bill that would provide $70 million to support fatherhood. That’s … good, right? That’s not important. What was important is that DeSantis had his daughters up on stage with him, using them as political props. Ron Filipkowski had a problem with DeSantis telling his younger daughter to “stand up.” She obviously didn’t want to be there and why can’t we just let kids be kids, asked the man who supports teaching kindergarteners about sexual orientation and gender fluidity. Worse yet was Jon Pavlovitz, who posted a picture of DeSantis with his daughters with the caption, “THIS is grooming.”

DeSantis has signed more legislation to keep critical race theory out of public schools, and this time he was using other people’s black children as political props, which the always-level-headed Joy Reid equated to child abuse.

Reid’s followers agreed, but we have to give special mention to Spy Doggie:

Oh, wait, the Miami Herald might not see that awesome take and look into it; better tag them:

The only account tagged should have been @BadLegalTakes.

Who was working this event, anyway?

This senator wants to lose some money:

Nice he left himself the “out” of specifying that “props” weren’t included. Black and pro-DeSantis? Prop.


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