As Twitchy reported Wednesday, anti-critical race theory crusader Christopher Rufo got himself in trouble when he posted a collage of news clippings about child sexual abuse in public schools. People were more upset, it seemed, that he only included examples from public schools than they were about the sexual abuse itself. No one seemed to comment on how horrible the sexual abuse was, only how horrible it was that Rufo didn’t include examples from Catholic or private schools. So now he’s to be ignored.

We’re not going to ignore his latest thread, which shows one school district’s sex education curriculum starting in pre-K and running through third grade, where students are encouraged to “break the binary.” Curiously, these are the grades covered by Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, which opponents always seem to leave out. And as we just reported, clowns like Brian Stelter are calling this a “life and death issue.”

Not pre-kindergarten? Teachers are instructed to “gather children on the rug” to share the class flag they created as an activity.

They’re teaching kids gender pronouns before they even teach them what a pronoun is, gramatically.

“Colonizers had xenophobia towards the Indigenous way of being, and because they did not understand two-spirit people, they forced them to be someone they weren’t.” Really. “Xenophobia” is a third-grade vocabulary word now.

“My name is Jay and my pronouns are they/them/theirs. I am 9 years old.”

The Biden administration will make sure that those transgender 9-year-olds have paid access to gender-affirming puberty blockers and surgeries.


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