This editor is going to kick off this post on a personal note. My wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease over a decade ago, so I get it when people argue that we need to wear masks around the immunocompromised. But she went to Whole Foods today to pick up Easter dinner and found out she was the only one in the store not wearing a mask — it never occurred to her to put one on. Was it mandated? No, it’s just that people who shop at Whole Foods are serious about masks. She went about her business without one, as she always does.

Still, thanks to the New York Times, we know that “the vulnerable” feel pain to be confronted with the naked faces of people celebrating “their returning freedoms.” Even when it’s their friends and neighbors, it’s callous and even scornful (or it’s all in their heads).

(I just read that to my wife and now she’s posting a reply with lots of explatives.)

Most likely, yes.

People have said they might never stop wearing the mask, which is fine, but don’t see “scorn” everywhere you look because other people have taken them off. We’re old enough to remember the videos of the unmasked being chased out of grocery stores by the masked mob. We’re not going back to that.


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