Fox News is reporting that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy seems to have softened — slightly — in his stance on a public school curriculum including lessons on gender identity for second graders. Fox reports that in his most recent statement, Murphy acknowledged an unspecified “handful of sample lesson plans” that his office has requested be discarded … although he still believes the materials were “intentionally misrepresented” by political opponents to create controversy. “We have seen a handful of sample lesson plans being circulated that have not been adopted in our school districts and do not accurately reflect the spirit of the standards,” Murphy said in a statement.

Timothy H.J. Nerozzi reports:

New Jersey public school second graders were set to receive lessons related to gender identity this fall under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September. The standards listed “performance expectations” for second-graders, which include discussing “the range of ways people express their gender and how gender role stereotypes may limit behavior.”

One lesson plan, “Purple, Pink and Blue,” instructs teachers to talk to their first-graders about gender identity, and its first objective is to have the students be able to define “gender, gender identity and gender role stereotypes.”

Murphy’s Wednesday statement announced a new review of all materials on the subject to ensure “age-appropriate” content.

How about some actual “age-appropriate content” for first and second graders? It’s not that hard to find.

But the early grades are the best time to introduce gender identity before “cisnormative” values become ingrained in children’s little minds.


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