We’re as sick of David Hogg as you are. Are we still calling him a Parkland “survivor” since he was nowhere near the shooting? His Twitter bio says he’s a board member of March for Our Lives, which we thought he gave up to pursue his goal of starting a progressive pillow company. As we reported, Hogg was at the White House Monday to help President Joe Biden roll out his latest attempt at gun control, and it seems he’s picked up Biden’s dumbest lines and parroted them exactly. This is the guy who asked why you don’t need a license to kill people if you need a license to kill deer — and apparently, Hogg and Biden both believe the Second Amendment is about your right to hunt deer.

We thought it was Biden who usually did the plagiarizing.

We saw at least one person in his replies refer to him as their future congressman, and they’re probably not wrong. If you can be this stupid and still become president there’s nothing stopping him.


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