Media Matters for America seems particularly upset with CBS News for letting a former Fox News reporter report on the Hunter Biden laptop. We guess it’s because Catherine Herridge used to be with Fox News, because both the New York Times and the Washington Post have finally conceded that the laptop is real and the emails found on it are authentic. We notice that Media Matters uses the word “fake” in their post, so do they mean the scandal is fake, or are they still sticking to the story that the laptop is fake and was planted by the Russians?

Media Matters’ Eric Kleefeld reports:

On Thursday, CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge vividly illustrated how to be a mouthpiece for fake Republican outrage and contribute to the fabrication of a political scandal, all while missing obvious indicators of just how baseless the latest accusations against President Joe Biden’s family have been.

In a news segment on CBS Mornings, Herridge highlighted the ongoing attempts by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to investigate business dealings by President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and the president’s brother James. Previously, Herridge helped to promote Grassley’s efforts during the 2020 election to smear the Bidens in relation to Hunter’s business ventures during his father’s time in office as vice president. (Herridge actually exaggerated those allegations further, going beyond the statements that even Senate Republicans were willing to make at the time.)

So who is “the big guy” and did he get his 10 percent?

That’s a given.

We have no evidence to show that Media Matters has ever managed to sway the needle in its direction with its “reporting.” But Catherine Herridge used to work for Fox News, so obviously the whole story’s fake.


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