We’ve seen so many hot takes about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards ceremony last Sunday night, and a lot of them come from black writers who say, “What Will Smith did was wrong, but ….” Then they pretty much excuse Smith and then make the incident about white people. The Guardian ran a piece arguing that “white rage” over the slap was “rooted in anti-Blackness.” Forbes told us not to discuss the incident without also discussing the white supremacist system that enabled it.

Now we have MSNBC host Tiffany Cross comparing to a black wife slapping her black husband at the dinner table and how inappropriate it would be for a white dinner guest to say anything. (What if the roles were reversed and the man slapped the woman?) Here’s one more take on why white people’s opinion of Smith’s behavior shouldn’t be considered.

Why did so many blacks weigh in on the Kyle Rittenhouse case? That was white-on-white violence.


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