We looked up the episode guide for Apple TV’s “The Problem with Jon Stewart” to see what was on tap: “No matter how sincerely some white people want to educate themselves and take action against racism, white comfort seems to block progress.” OK. We’ve heard from plenty of people who claim they don’t teach critical race theory in public schools suggest that they really should teach critical race theory in public schools. They seem to think that banning CRT is only to protect white students from discomfort, and that white students should feel discomfort about the systemic racism that permeates every facet of life in America. And who better to do that than your white fourth-grade math teacher?

Jon Stewart seems to be in that latter camp, though he doesn’t mention critical race theory, only white comfort. Christopher Rufo says it best: it looks like a hostage video. We noticed loud applause at “the problem with white people” but not so much when Stewart mentioned reparations. Guess the white people in his audience are the problem.

We noticed he was trying to make a point about equality vs. equity, but we didn’t get it. The writers didn’t really flesh that out.

He just did a segment about white people being the problem, so that gives him a pass for the year.


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