We’re old enough to remember doing posts about mobs of people ganging up on that one person in the grocery store who wasn’t wearing a cloth mask, even though we’ve since been told that cloths masks are “little more than facial decoration” and you really need an N95 mask. We’re still masking up 2-year-olds as we wait for final emergency authorization of the COVID vaccine for babies.

This editor’s daughter is a chemist and has a respirator, but outside of work, she only wore it on Halloween to pass out candy dressed as a mad professor. This professor, though, Dr. James Smith of York University, put on his respirator to go grocery shopping and noted that most of the customers and employees were maskless. What a good occasion for a selfie to post on social media.

Yeah, we’ll pass.

He’s just trying to get his point across that #CovidIsnotOver, although a majority of us are over COVID.


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