When we looked up this book on Amazon, it also brought up other children’s picture book suggestions, like “Rainbow: A First Book of Pride,” and “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.” “The GayBCs” actually came out last spring, but with all the attention lately on alleged book bannings and “hateful” and “horrible” (Jen Psaki’s words) legislation like the Parental Rights in Education bill, J. Mark Ousley has put together a thread giving us a look inside “TheGayBCs.” So, how do you write a book for children about things like pansexuality without actually mentioning sex? Well, this is how you do it. This is a long thread — it covers the entire alphabet — but it’s worth a look:

“I like boys and girls, and that makes me proud!” Yeah, it doesn’t make you bisexual though.

Look, two boys playing together … that must make them gay.

Two girls having a pillow fight? Lesbians.

“It’s a brave step to take to live as the gender you know is innate.”

We’re waiting for this thread to be taken down for copyright infringement, but until then, marvel at what woke parents are buying to read to their 5-year-olds. We’ve asked before: Why don’t the opponents of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill explain in detail why it’s so important for kindergarten teachers to lead discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity? Fourth grade is too late?


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